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Financing, assignment of the fifth and online loans

The online loans that we offer are comfortable, flexible and chosen according to your needs.

You can request online up to 80,000 USD quickly and very easily in just 48 hours and thus have the amount to be refunded in the most convenient way.

With a personal loan among the various that we offer you can postpone and therefore skip the payment of an installment, for better security and greater relaxation designed specifically for you in order to make the purchase you have always desired.

You can then change the amount of the installment itself at no additional cost and change the duration of your personal loan.

All you need is the identity card, your tax code and the income document for the transfer of the fifth.

Why choose online loans

Why choose online loans

Affordable loans are among the most used forms of financing to access consumer credit. These are loans that allow you to obtain a certain amount of money to be used for any purchase need.

Since they do not fall into the category of finalized loans, personal loans allow the beneficiary to spend the money obtained in total freedom, without having to present any justification for the loan application to the bank.

In other words, unlike what happens with targeted loans, the figure of the agreement does not come into play for personal loans. In fact, the contract is concluded directly between the applicant and the lender, who are in fact the only interested parties. Consequently, in the event that the request for funding is accepted, the sum is paid directly into the hands of the consumer.

Another factor that differentiates personal loans from finalized loans is the absence of a good or service that can be used as collateral in the event of the debtor’s insolvency. Normally, in fact, personal loans do not require the presence of real rights, but only a fixed income sufficient to guarantee the regular repayment of the loan.

Transfer of the fifth of the salary: how does it work in 2018?

Transfer of the fifth of the salary: how does it work in 2018?

The assignment of the fifth is a particular form of personal loan dedicated to retirees and employees. It is characterized by the fact that the repayment of the amortization installments takes place by direct reduction from the pay slip or pension of the applicant.

Consequently, the payment of the installments is not made by the applicant but by his employer, or by the social security institution if the beneficiary is a pensioner. The loan takes the name of assignment of the fifth because the amount of the monthly installment cannot exceed the fifth part of the salary or monthly pension received by the applicant, net of taxes.

In recent years, more and more banks and financial lenders are thrown on the Web, a channel that facilitates access to credit not only because it does not require compliance with the so-called office hours, but also because it allows the user to view many offers in no time.

An operation, that of comparing offers, (feasible also on the ) in which the comparison portals help us, specialized websites that allow you to compare the financing offers of the main banks and financial companies operating in Italy in a few minutes.

But that is not all. In fact, most comparison sites also allow you to directly send a loan request to the chosen credit institution.

Loans to unemployed in 2018

Loans to unemployed in 2018

With the economic crisis and job insecurity, the demand for loans for the unemployed has grown exponentially in recent years. for this reason, many lenders have included credit lines in their offer, designed to meet the needs of the unemployed.

Normally, personal loans for unemployed people require the signature of a guarantor, i.e. a third party who undertakes to guarantee the regular repayment of the loan in the event of insolvency by the applicant.

Fast online loans, on the other hand, are loans designed for those in urgent need of money and are usually disbursed within 24- 48 hours from the moment of confirmation of acceptance of the loan. The amounts granted are quite low, in most cases they do not exceed 5 thousand USD.

Before taking out a loan, it is always good to know the import of the monthly installment, in order to be sure that it is sustainable. To calculate the installment, you can use one of the many specialized sites on the network.

For greater security regarding the economic commitment that you are about to take on, it is also advisable to carry out a simulation of the depreciation plan. Again, the offer of websites is very wide.

Personal loans without guarantor or paycheck

Personal loans without guarantor or paycheck

If you do not have a fixed income, obtaining personal loans without a guarantor is rather difficult, however some banks and financial institutions grant some forms of credit that can fall into this category. Among the most common types of personal loans without guarantor we find honor loans.

Honor loans are personal loans granted to students without parental signature being required as collateral. The student who receives the funding does not begin to repay the credit after a certain period of time, established by contract. Normally this period corresponds to the duration of a master’s degree or to the end of the course of studies, so that the beneficiary has time to find a job and start earning.

When we speak of loans without a paycheck, on the other hand, we refer generally to all those loans aimed at those who cannot claim a paycheck, i.e. an employment contract, such as self-employed workers and freelancers.

Not having a paycheck, in fact, these subjects cannot resort to forms of financing such as the assignment of the fifth and often they are also refused access to traditional personal loans. This is because the fact of not having a fixed income, but inevitably conditioned by market trends, self-employed workers are considered “more at risk of insolvency” than employees.

One solution to access credit, in the event that a bank that is willing to lend us money is not found, is to resort to loans between individuals. It is a form of financing that sees the exchange of money between two private entities, which enter into a regular loan agreement. In Italy, social lending has also taken hold in recent years, a mechanism that provides for the provision of loans between individuals via the Internet. 

Loans changed

Loans changed

Loans changed are often considered as a last resort for those who cannot get a traditional personal loan. In fact, these are loans in which the monthly installments correspond to pre-paid bills.

In the event that the applicant does not pay even one installment of the loan in time, the bank or financial institution that provided it can request the immediate attachment of the asset placed as collateral for the loan.

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